Sweet Home Texas

I made it! 1800 miles, 6 states and 7 energy drinks later, I am finally in Austin and settling in. I have been here a whole week now and somehow it seems longer. Allison and I have been buying and building furniture almost continuously since the Penske truck pulled into the driveway.

Speaking of the Penske truck, I don’t know if any of you have ever driven one, but it was the most stressful three days of my life. I understand what they mean by a “high profile vehicle” now. One gust of wind and it feels like you are going to go careening off the mountains of Arkansas. Driving along side the giant tractor trailers made me feel like I was in the Big Truck club, but also made controlling the vehicle more difficult.

Along the way we did get to try some authentic Memphis BBQ, and held a rooster, and did not die. This was huge accomplishment for my sister and I. We felt on the verge of death for the majority of the trip.

Finally, though, we made it to the great state of Texas! People here are a lot nicer than in the northeast. Like if you put your blinker on to change lanes here they let you in. And the cashiers have conversations with you, every time, no fail. It is also always sunny! This is one of the main reasons I moved here, lack of weather, and it is definitely living up to it’s reputation.

We have done a few of things Austin is known for already. This includes indulging in the food trucks on South Congress. There is just a lot of food trucks, all of them with amazing options. I tried a rattlesnake and rabbit bratwurst at Wurst Tex. It tasted just like a regular sausage, don’t worry. There is also a shaved ice truck that has so many flavors and topping I was overwhelmed.

The last thing we have tried so far, is the nightlife on 6th street. I must say it is everything and more than I was told it would be. They shut down the street at 10pm so that people can walk back and forth to the bars without fear of being hit by a car. It causes the street to turn into more a street festival. It was great to experience. Most of the bars also have roof tops and live music, oh and no cover. Coming from DC I have been flabbergasted that no bar here charges cover. I am appreciative, but incredulous.

That is the bulk of my first week here. We will post apartment pictures after Allison finally decides which carpet she wants in the living room. I trust her judgement. Also please enjoy the below picture of my new city.


About Shikole

I just moved to Austin, TX after living in the DC metro area for 6 years. I love wine, writing, exploring and fun. When all of those things can happen simultaneously, I'm a happy camper.


One thought on “Sweet Home Texas

  1. If that shaved ice truck has a wedding cake flavor, YOU MUST TRY IT! It’s my favorite flavor EVER.

    Posted by Heather B | August 12, 2012, 10:23 pm

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