I Swear I’m Not a Hoarder

I may have a problem. In night 2 of packing I have discovered some disturbing things in the caverns of my closet. No, no, there was not a nest of mice or anything. However there were several things that made me question the sanity of Past-Me.

  1. A garbage bag full of handbags. FULL. There were at least 14. None of which I have needed in the past year.
  2. 3 keys to nothing? I have no clue what they might open.
  3. A Hot Wheels car
  4. Creative Writing journal from high school.
  5. 27 unused condoms. Score!
  6. Over $20…in change
  7. 4 winter scarves (wish I had found these before going to Iceland)
  8. An unopened Aaron Carter barbie doll, from when I was 12 and obsessed with him
  9. Position a Day book
  10. Mini bottle of Ciroc vodka (that is now empty)
  11. My Little Pony keychain
  12. Mail that was my previous landlord’s

I wish I could send Past-Me to therapy or something. Present-Me just can’t handle all these surprises right now. On the bright side, though, I have 3 whole boxes packed!


About Shikole

I just moved to Austin, TX after living in the DC metro area for 6 years. I love wine, writing, exploring and fun. When all of those things can happen simultaneously, I'm a happy camper.


2 thoughts on “I Swear I’m Not a Hoarder

  1. I gave you the Position of the Day book and the vodka was mine.

    Posted by k bye. | June 10, 2012, 7:52 pm

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