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Post Grads Love: Wine Festivals

Yesterday some friends and I went to the Frederick Wine Festival. Wine festivals are one of my favorite places to go on weekends. There are typically 6-10 local wineries that have tastings of all their products. Tickets to these events cover admission, a wine glass to use for the tastings and then take home, and unlimited tastings of all the wines.

When I say a tasting, I literally mean a taste. A sip of each kind is poured into your glass. There are contraptions on the top of each bottle that don’t allow more than a sip to escape when poured. At first I was really sad about the small amount. Then, after tasting about 12 wines, I realized that sips add up.

There are several reasons that a wine festival is perfect for a Post Grad on a Saturday:

1. All you can drink

2. You can try some of everything! It’s a great place to figure out what your favorites are.

3. The festivals are typically local wineries, so you’re supporting local business

4. It’s a chill place to hang out with friends, where there’s alcohol, but it’s not a bar.

5. Most festivals also have live music.

6. Reasonably priced tickets. Most festivals I’ve attended had tickets between $20 and $30 depending on how many wineries would be attending.

One of the things I enjoy about Wine Festivals (other than all the reasons above) are the names of all the wines. One of my favorites is called Anticipation. It’s a sweet dessert wine and tastes amazing. It’s the only bottle I actually bought. Others had names like Stomp and Indulgence. (both also tasted spectacular, by the way.)

Have any of you been to a wine festival yet this season? I know they are just getting started, so if you haven’t don’t worry, there are plenty more to come!


About Shikole

I just moved to Austin, TX after living in the DC metro area for 6 years. I love wine, writing, exploring and fun. When all of those things can happen simultaneously, I'm a happy camper.


2 thoughts on “Post Grads Love: Wine Festivals

  1. Wine festivals definitely have a great “drunk bang for your limited bucks” factor. Plus you can feel classy, even when you’re not 😉

    Posted by PostCollegiate | April 25, 2012, 11:08 pm
  2. Wine (and beer) festivals are great!

    Posted by Drive Thru Guy | May 1, 2012, 7:58 pm

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