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How to Have a Classy Food Party

I had a small soiree this weekend in celebration of my birthday. I always make sure to serve snack like foods as well as alcohol. When people’s stomachs are full they tend to get less sloppy. I try to make things that are original and not just the usual chips and dip. Last night one of my friends goes,

“You have the classiest food at your parties!”

I take that as a huge compliment. I love cooking, and I love when it actually tastes amazing. I don’t know if the foods are actually classy or just better than other parties, but I will take it. I wanted to share some simple recipes with you all on the fool proof foods to serve to your guests that will get you these results.

  1. Meatballs. Meatballs are so easy to make, can be eaten with a toothpick, and you can make a different kind every time by changing the sauce/glaze. This week I used a honey chipotle lime glaze, huge hit! And for the superbowl I tried these.
  2. Deviled Eggs. Also a cheap, super easy finger food. You can spice them up by adding garlic or basil to the filling.
  3. Tater Tots. Add a toothpick and set out some fancy dipping sauces and a childhood favorite is transformed into a Post Grad party pleaser.

Those are my go-to snacks to make, but that doesn’t include the classics. Cupcakes, cheese and crackers and chex mix should be included as well. Do you have any party food recipes to share?


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I just moved to Austin, TX after living in the DC metro area for 6 years. I love wine, writing, exploring and fun. When all of those things can happen simultaneously, I'm a happy camper.


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