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Post Grad Flashback: One Tree Hill

I’ve been pet sitting this past week and had the privilege of accessing a huge television and cable. Mixed in with waking up early to walk the dog, I also rediscovered the teen dramas I used to adore. Apparently Soap Net has something called “Breakfast in Bed” on weekend mornings that broadcasts all the old shows: The O.C., Gilmore Girls, and One Tree Hill.

They were playing the One Tree Hill episodes of the middle seasons, the 5 years later episodes. The gang had already graduated high school and were now in their mid 20s. They were our age. And watching the 3 back to back episodes this morning I realized that they were no where near normal people like the show wanted you to believe.
Lucas had a book published and a movie being made out of it.
Peyton had her own music production business and managed an up an coming star.
Brooke had her own fashion line.
Nathan was playing basketball for the Chiefs.
And Haley had a record out and was helping to manage the up and coming star.
Only Haley and Nathan had attended college.
Oh and Haley and Nathan are married with a 4 year old, Peyton is pregnant with Lucas’s baby and they are engaged, and Brooke is trying to adopt. Have I mentioned that these people are OUR AGE?
I used to love this show. The characters, the drama and the adventures they went on were a great escape from my everyday life. And a great reason to get a bunch of girls in the same room with a bottle of wine. But when I watch this show now all I see are unrealistic portrayals of real life. Every character has their dream job, a promising relationship and all the money in the world. And here I am, post grad and single at a job that is far from my dream and in a mountain of student loan debt.
This show that I used to love so much had depressed me before 10am. I have come to the conclusion that the shows i used to love, should stay in the past.


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