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What is Happening to Me??

Allison and I had a realization yesterday. It was unnerving. We realized that we have been craving domesticity. My OCD has evolved so much that I enjoy cleaning. Yes, you read that right, I enjoy cleaning. Allison admitted to liking laundry. And we both agree that grocery shopping, cooking and decorating are just plain fun.

All of this is new. It has happened in the last couple of months. I used to hate cleaning with a passion. Ask my old roommate over at Yerbe Mate & Spanish Speaking Steak. My idea of cleaning the kitchen used to be putting all the dishes in the dishwasher. That was all. No wiping of the counters, no throwing out old food in the frig. I seriously believed that if all the dirty dishes were in the dishwasher then the kitchen was clean. Now I not only load the dishwasher but have an obsessive compulsion about HOW it is loaded. I seriously will take out all the dishes and re-stack the dishwasher if it isn’t stacked efficiently enough.
This change in behavior might be attributed to the post grad jobs we took. While we appreciate employment and do not plan on quitting to become housewives any time soon, jobs are also a source of unrest. For a control freak like myself there is way too much going on at my job that I can’t control for my liking. This is common in most jobs, unless you work for yourself, and if you do I am jealous. I think I need to channel my controlling habits other places, and it seems to have settled in domesticity.
Don’t get me wrong, Allison and I very much like being independent, working women and post grads. However the hypothetical idea of being housewives has crept into our thoughts. Allison just got me obsessed with Mormon blogs that describe the lives, families and wardrobes of young Mormon women. For the life of us we couldn’t figure out why we liked this reading so much. Then Allison found this article. It explains so much. They make life seem so simple.
Mormon blog I am currently obsessed with: The Daybook.
On that note, I need to go to work and concede my control to others for the next 9 hours. Don’t worry, though, I have every intention of cleaning the kitchen when I return.


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