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I Am Now A Resident of Virginia

My lease in DC officially ended today. And I am now officially a resident of Virginia. I built my new dresser (from Walmart instead of Ikea for the first time) that seems sturdy. And I have started to unpack. I apologize for not having pictures sooner, but I could not find the batteries in all my stuff to load in my camera.

The following pictures are the semi-before pictures. The dresser is put together but nothing is unpacked yet. And the living room photos are very preliminary seeing as my 3rd roommate has not even moved in yet.
To the left is my bedroom from the doorway. To the right is my bedroom from the window. Unpacking all of that seems really daunting. I’ve been working on it for about 2 hours now. It looks a little better but I still have an obscene amount of crap to unpack.
Below, from left to right, is my new kitchen, living room, and balcony. The kitchen is pretty basic. The living room, as mentioned is preliminary and since taking this picture I have already moved the love seat against a different wall. I also moved the marble end table to the end of the couch. There is no TV yet, though, so I’m not sure how everything will be situated once there is a focal point. The balcony is really nice and overlooks some woods behind the apartment.
Not pictured is the bathroom (who really wants to see my new bathroom?) and the dining room. The dining room is currently just empty so I saw no reason to take a picture of it just yet. If you’d like some perspective, though, I was standing in the dining room to take both the living room and kitchen pictures.
I hope you all like my new place as much as I do. I will post more pictures after I have unpacked and it looks livable.


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