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What is Love?

That would be the correct answer to a Jeopardy question. It would be under the category “Hebrew Terms”. Clue: “The Song of Soloman talks about this between God and his people, also known as ‘ahava.'”

If you think there might be some ahava in your heart for someone who treats you more like a Jeopardy game than a person, it’s probably time to change the channel.

Think about it, do they answer a question, with a question?

You: “How was your day?”
Partner: “Who are you my mother?”


You: “Where do you want to go for dinner?”
Partner: “Why can’t you pick?”

This, my friends, is not a relationship, or a friendship, this is Jeopardy.

Do they rack up some winnings for a few days and keep coming back, then screw up so badly that they aren’t invited back again until the reunion show or other contestants run out? This is called Jeopardy.

Do the two of you compete to see who is the better partner? And I do not mean friendly competitions between the two of you, like whoever can answer the most Jeopardy questions gets a massage. No, I mean the kind of competition where you do nice things for each other, but only to hold it over the others’ head. Or betting it all in an ultimatum in hopes you can come back with a Daily Double. This is Jeopardy.

My current metaphor is over and I hope it gave you all something to think about. Stay tuned for “Relationships are like a Lease” and maybe “Addictive Relationships.”



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