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Hit Me!

Allison had a pretty inclusive list of ways to make money outside of your salary. I learned a new one this weekend. It’s more fun than babysitting, earns more money than dog walking, and doesn’t require giving up any of your possessions. I became a BlackJack dealer this weekend.

There are companies that are hired to make Vegas Nights happen. Whether it be an office holiday party like the one I worked this weekend, a birthday party, or just a fun night of gambling, dealers are in demand. At least in the DC metro area they are.
If you know how to play BlackJack, Craps, Roulette or Poker you should look into these companies. Most will provide basic training for those who have never been on the dealing end before. It’s also not that big of a deal if you make minor mistakes. It’s illegal to play with real money at these parties so you aren’t really taking anyone’s money. The top winners tend to win prizes instead. At the party I worked one of the prizes was a 46 inch flat screen television.
And let me tell you, the money is good. Most of the parties last for about 3 hours and the dealers who get to sit down make around $75 for it. That’s $25 an hour. Plus whatever tips you can get. Yeah, tips can be good. Not to mention you can meet a lot of eligible people there for all you singles. So go check it out Post Grads, deal yourselves a winning hand.


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