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Thank You for Not Stealing My Car

By Shikole Struber

This morning my roommates and I went out to my car for a nice field trip to IHOP. To my surprise and confusion my passenger door was somewhat ajar, as was my glove box and little compartment between the front seats. Luckily nothing had been broken or stolen (probably because I have nothing to steal and the doors were unlocked so no point in breaking anything).

I have to admit that many many people have been telling me to lock my car for years and I never listened. I am stubborn like that and never saw the need because my car is a piece of shit. This reckless behavior finally caught up with me. While I was extremely lucky that my car is still where I parked it, and nothing was taken or broken, I will also now admit that I should have listened and locked my car.

I’m not what you would say scared that someone opened the door and looked around. I am just a wee bit concerned that they have some of my personal information now. The glove box was open where my registration and insurance card is kept. Nothing was missing but it could’ve been looked at.

All I have to say now is that I have learned my lesson and at least it didn’t also get egged or something.



One thought on “Thank You for Not Stealing My Car

  1. The whole lock/don’t lock can be a no-win situation sometimes due to the douchebaggery of people, depending on the neighborhood one lives in. Two friends of mine rooming together in a less than desirable neighborhood in Toledo, OH had both of their cars broken into. The locked car was literally broken into, with the windows smashed and the unlocked car riffled through but untouched.

    Then again, leaving it unlocked in a nice neighborhood, usually the only time stuff is stolen when the opportunity is present.

    Maybe you can just get an NRA or “This car protected by Smith & Wesson” sticker for a deterrent. =p

    Posted by Mark | October 26, 2010, 3:43 am

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