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Connectitude, Linkativity, Transformitation

By Shikole Struber

Don Draper isn’t the only TV show character to give tips on the job world. Barney Stinson of How I met Your Mother is also a career guru, in his own way. He might’ve been onto something when he suggested creating your own words. Everyone seems to be doing it these days. The Jersey Shore cast “smushes” and the new song “Bottoms Up” mentions getting “slizzard.” Barney’s words are a little more job appropriate though, the most noted being:

Possimpible – Where the possible and impossible meet. When you go beyond the possible and beyond the impossible

Barney also promoted the Video Resume. Which is not a bad idea if you do it right. There are some helpful do’s and don’ts of a video resume here. And for your viewing pleasure, Barney\’s Video Resume.

Good luck job hunters. And remember, nothing, and everything, is possimpible.


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